My first dog was a Rottweiler I went to different obedience classes and was coming out of them with very little knowledge of how to train. Then one day through conversation with some friends your name came up and that you had a club like atmosphere at your facilities. I contacted you and was welcomed into the fold. In no time at all I was beginning to grasp the concepts of training and my dog was learning the basics. My love affair with dogs and training had begun and I haven’t looked back since.

Lynne and Justice - CRA Championship 2008 winners

Lynne and Justice – CRA Championship 2008 winners

When you gave me the opportunity to work with you and Canine Co-stars my training skills grew in leaps and bounds. I not only learned how to train a dog but also how to read a dog. You taught me that dogs are just like people, so they may require different techniques to get the desired response. With this knowledge I moved on to French Ring sport where my dog and I were able to compete at the very top levels, travelling all over the country to compete. It was a terrific moment we earned the top spot at the Canadian Ring Sport Nationals. I am now involved with a working dog club where I hope to also be successful.

I appreciate all of the time you have spent teaching me and working with me to achieve the obedience precision that has enabled me to advance to these levels. So I’ll see you in September for lessons.

Lynne LaChance