I got a chance recently to video a couple of my students.

First up is Rachel who is only 8 years old and her little 15 week old poodle working on attention in movement. This was their 3rd puppy class together. Rachel works very hard to achieve what all the adult try to do in her class. She always impresses me in each when she shows me each exercise she has learned. Often I watch her work her puppy and get goose bumps, I see a very bright future for her & her adorable little fuzzy friend!

I did a little clip of Johnny & Emilie working on about turns and attention in movement with out food or toys on & off leash. There is one pass of Emilie heeling with a toy to help put Johnny into drive and get his placement right but the rest is her motivating him with her body and voice. They are exciting to watch as she starts to shape her foot work and her dog to an amazing heel!