Becky and Pyro on feature film Red MachineCanine Co-stars Training student Becky and her Donovan Pinscher, Pryo nailed their shot on a recent Red Machine feature film shoot. First AD John Lind said that he has seen this gig (dog barking on chain and then acting scared) done many times but that the best he has ever seen it done! The Director, David Hacki said “that was amazing excellent work, I love this dog!”Pyro on feature film Red Machine

When we got to the location it was bright & sunny, then it started to rain, got dark fast and then it SNOWED! It was super cold windy & snowing like crazy! Becky came straight  from work and was just  a trooper. She had her scrubs & light shoes on but was laughing & fun to hang out with through the whole thing. She did a great job!

Becky feeds Pryo Chow For Now natural raw dog food, these aren’t the best pictures but you can definitely see the shine in Pyro’s coat. Click on any of the pictures to see a larger version.

Darn Location is coldPyro on feature "Red Machine"Pyro on feature "Red Machine"Pyro on feature "Red Machine"Pyro on feature "Red Machine"