Border Collie - Bizzy asks "is it my turn yet"

If you want to see how much your body can handle all in one day try spending the day volunteering at next years fundraiser for the Herding Show Case! Lynn & Karen sure know how to put on a great event, I had so much fun I need a day of rest to recover. It was a great turn out and a very diverse crowd, I met so many lovely dogs of various different breeds at times it was hard to concentrate on my very tuff job of  being part of the mingling crowd, and part time stroller roller  for the Canine Good Neighbour test lol!

I thought when I volunteered it would be a day of watching border collies do what border collies do but I figured its something I could do to help The Herding Show Case Fundraiser. Turns out that it was a great place to watch many different breeds and their owners come out just for a fun day!  I was thrilled to see all the different dogs working on sheep many of them not from the herding group. I saw a beautiful Am staff do a spectacular job and well as several other breeds  you wouldn’t normally think of working sheep including an Irish Terrier and a Flat-Coated retriever.

I’m always telling people to just go out and try different things with your dogs  if not for any other reason but to experience it together. You and your dog will learn so much about each other at these kinds of outings which will strengthen your bond! And… dog’s exposed who are regularly exposed to all these varied experiences with all the excitement and noise tend to  make excellent movie dogs. Even though my Ruckus already has both his CGN & HIT I took him to work in the building around all the distractions – it will help him when he either goes to compete in obedience  or when he has to deal with the creative havoc found on a movie set.

Thank you so much to to all my clients, students & friends that stopped by.

Congrats to Canine Co-Stars dog teams that participated in this event

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  • Wendy and her Briard , Tucker on his CGN
  • Liz and Shih Tsu Lexie on her CGN
  • Liz and Border Collie, Bizzy  on her CGN & HIC
  • Emilie and Briard, Johnny,on his CGN & HIC
  • and my Briard girl Rafi on her CGN & HIC


All the dogs above are fed Chow for Now a natural raw frozen dog food. While I can’t attribute all their success to what they eat – a healthy preservative free diet does contribute to the dog’s drive and stamina.

Thank you to Wendy Varsava for not only volunteering  all day but making sure we all had food to eat. I know the warm soup was a big hit!

I am not normally known for my baking ability but… these cake sheep pops were pretty popular. So popular in fact- that I have seen a bunch of photos from the event with the cake sheep pops photo bombing the picture lol. The sheep were made with tootsie roll heads and cake bodies with white chocolate icing and coconut slivers to give that wooly effect.