bonnie judd and her canine crew

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Dog Training Classes

Basic Obedience & Beginner Movie Dog

This beginner class is suitable for puppies as well as older dogs and covers such core obedience skills as how to sit, down, stay and come as well as an introduction to training theory. Dogs will also learn some of the behaviours needed for working in film.

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Intermediate Obedience
& Movie Dog

This class will build on behaviours taught in level one. Owners and dogs will learn new exercises and build distance and time for existing exercises as well as making the signals more subtle. The Basic class is a prerequiste for this class.

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Advanced Obedience
Training Options Class

This class is aimed at people and dogs preparing for competion in a number of sports or working towards advanced movie behaviours. The class will allow time to work on exercises and proofing specfic to the trainers goals.

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Upcoming Dog Training Classses

Class Day Time Dates
Basic Obedience & Beginner Movie Dog Thursday 6:00 pm  TBA
Intermediate Obedience & Beginner Movie Dog Thursday 7:00 pm TBA
Basic Obedience & Beginner Movie Dog Thursday 8:00 pm TBA

Please note: Working in the movie industry means being on call at short notice – some class dates could potentially have to be pushed to the following week if Bonnie ends up having to be on set – if that happens then class will be extended for a following week.

What Our Students Say

Dog Training with Bonnie Judd

Bonnie Judd is a renowned animal trainer for film, television and commercials with many years experience and a background in a huge variety of dog sports, competions and security. Her training facility is based in Aldergrove (a subburb of Langley) BC and draws students from all over the Fraser Valley, the Lower Mainland and Washington State.  Her classes are designed to impart not just specific tricks and behaviours but to install a love of training for both the owners and dogs. Using positive based methodologies and sound animal theory she trains that trainers and helps them "speak Dog".

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A Christmas Tail

We had a great time filming a Christmas Tail for Executive Producer,Tara Cowell-Plain. The cast and crew were awesome to work with and were very fun and dog-friendly. We were asked to provide a characterful dog [...]

Jade Wows on Latuda Commercial

  One of the really great things about my job is sometimes I get to work with my kids, or friends and I get to play with animals all day. I especially love the days [...]

Ruckus Hams it up for Nissan Pathfinder

Getting caught up on posting a backlog of projects from last year. Canine CoStars got the call to provide a large dog for a Nissan Pathfinder commercial. We sent pictures of a number of large [...]

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BCAA Commercial with “House wrecker” Ruckus

If you were going to cast a dog in a commercial extolling the benefits of having quality house insurance then big and clumsy would be the order of the day. As usual we submitted a [...]

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In Praise of Food

I am still surprised, in today’s motivational dog training climate, when I run into someone who adamantly believes training with food is just wrong. 30 odd years ago, back in the day when most trainers [...]