ruckus - nissan pathfinder commercial

Getting caught up on posting a backlog of projects from last year. Canine CoStars got the call to provide a large dog for a Nissan Pathfinder commercial. We sent pictures of a number of large dogs but… Bonnie’s Ruckus got the nod as they loved his unusual look and wanted a dog with a lot of training.

Bonnie, son Ryan and Ruckus has a great day on set. In addition to it being a gorgeous sunny day the whole crew was dog crazy and spent a bunch of time loving on the Ruckus. The scripted action for Ruckus was getting into and sitting the car but the director liked him so well they through him into almost every shot. Total bonus that Bonnie got her favourite picture of Ruckus ever between takes on set.

All-new 7 seat Nissan Pathfinder – It’s Packed

ruckus - nissan pathfinder commercialruckus - nissan pathfinder commercialruckus - nissan pathfinder commercial