Jade with Actress Emma ConnellOne of the really great things about my job is sometimes I get to work with my kids, or friends and I get to play with animals all day. I especially love the days I get to take my dogs to work with me. The only thing that could make those days better is when we get to shoot at Minaty Bay AND it is warm & sunny. That means my pups get to go swimming at the end of the day and there is not much better than that.

Working on the Latuda commercial was an epic day as I got to share it with my children, Trisha & Ryan & my long time friend & client Sandy Bater & her Australian shepherd Jade! Trisha got to play with a puppy all day so she was really happy. Trish did a great job with the puppy, it was awesome! Ryan did a great job keeping the park goers & everyone else away from us so we could work the animals in peace!

Jade had a great time & did an awesome job! She was loved and spoiled by everyone. We had many different locations and Jade got to do lots of her favourite things, play with an adorable puppy, play fetch with a beautiful girl and last but not least go for a boat ride…Ok Jade would rather be in the water then on the boat but eventually she did get to go for a swim along with all my dogs to. Lots of tired happy dogs & people at the end of this shoot.

Thank you Jade & Sandy for the fun filled day!