Taz is a 7 year old tri-colour border collie owned and loved by Colleen & Gary Smith. We ran across some of the photos we took when Taz filmed his AT&T commercial and thought we would share.

Some days it just does not feel like work. This shoot was one of those days! Hanging on the beach, with an awesome dog, great food, sunny day and mostly playing stick! Taz had the time of his life. The camera crew had to spend a bunch of time in the water – they didn’t like it quite as much as Taz did.

Collen reports that in addition to his movie work Taz has some other special personality quirks.

  • Taz is obsessed with shadows & light beams
  • Taz thinks that all ceiling fans are evil and must be chased if they start moving
  • Taz is a feirce Flyball competitor who wins every race in his own mind
  • Taz drools while waiting for food or treats
  • Taz can keep a couch warm for very long stretches of time

We would also  like to say that Taz excelled on his commercial shoot and was like the energizer bunny – chasing that stick over and over and over and over… you get the idea.

    • Taz AT&T CommercialTaz AT&T CommercialTaz AT&T Commercial