Emilie on movie set

Emily on Set with Cast & Crew

Emilie had a rough start to her movie dog career. Her owner became very sick and had to be admitted to hospital and was no longer able to care for her. Bonnie agreed to foster Emilie, who suffered from terrible allergies and had chewed herself until she bled. Bonnie put her on The Raw Truth a complete raw diet which helped allieviate her itchy skin and patchy hair. Now that Emilie was both looking and  feeling better, Bonnie worked with her to get her basic behaviours dialled in. Bonnie was still on the look out for the perfect home for this wonderful girl and eventually a new and loving home for Emilie was found with Rose & Barry Monkman.

Emilie’s scruffy everydog appeal has now landed her several commercials. You can see Emilie at work in the Crate and Barrel video below. We are sure there will be many more in her future.
Emilie on set