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Canine Co-Stars Training
27442 A 16th Ave., Aldergrove, BC

    Map of Property

    1. Watch for a sign on the south side of 16th Ave., that says 27442A (this is the driveway for the training hall) РThe sign will be next to a gravel driveway with a wooden fence and  chainlink gate. We also have a thin orange pylon positioned near the gate to help you spot the driveway.
    2. Enter through the gate and follow the gravel driveway past the mobile home and to the left, up a small rise, to a set of buildings.
    3. The Training Hall is just past that set of buildings through the large wooden gate (which should be open for you).
    4. You can park anywhere on the gravel either next to the training hall or by the outer buildings.

    Please Note: You will be passing very close to our outdoor Lemur cage – We ask that you please leave the lemur undisturbed and especially keep all dogs at least 20 ft away from her cage.