Puppy & Dog Basic Obedience & Intro to Film

This beginner class is suitable for puppies as well as older dogs and covers such core obedience skills as how to sit, down, stay and come as well as an introduction to training theory.

We want to instill a joy of working and learning for the dog and continue to develop manners and behaviours that will benefit them both in every day life and make them solid prospects for movie work.  Training is motivational (ie reward-based)-during training we will use rewards, toys and praise to facilitate the learning process. We want the dogs to be confident and enjoy the training process so that they will end up working because they love it not because they have learned to fear correction.

While this course is not specifically geared to movie training it does give a great start to puppies and dogs, helping build confidence, drive to work and an understanding of the learning / reward process. Bonnie has often invited past attendees to try out for parts in commercials, series and movies.

Puppy / Dog Obedience Topics:

  • Teaching your dog to pay attention to you
  • Teaching the Sit, Down & Stand
  • Teaching your puppy to Stay and/ or Wait (with distance)
  • Heeling with a focus on attention in movement
  • Using an upseat as a training tool
  • Teaching your dog to come when called (reliably)
  • Tricks and movie behaviours such as left foot, right foot, rise up etc.
  • Proofing your training so that your dog learns to behave in new places

Theory of Training Topics:

While this class covers the main basics people expect from a beginner level dog training class it also introduces important animal behaviour theories. Dog training is really about communication and Bonnie will help you to learn to read your dog’s body language and teach you to communicate with your dog in a clear, effective manner. In this class you will learn why certain methods work better for motivating your dog specifically, and how to shortcut bad behaviours, such as barking and jumping up.

  • How to motivate your dog to want to work using play, treats, voice, touch and movement
  • Understanding when and more importantly if a correction is appropriate
  • Understanding exactly when to praise and reward for the best response
  • How to begin shaping behaviours and how to enhance duration and distance

Vaccinations: Puppies must have had at least 2 vaccinations
Age: Puppies must be at least 8 weeks – there is no upper age limit. This class is not suitable for aggressive or reactive dogs
Cost: 175.00
Classes: 6 sessions
Prerequisite: None
Location: K9 Co-Stars Training Facility – 27442 16th Ave., Aldergrove, BC, V4W 2C6

Class Day Time Dates
Basic Obedience & Beginner Movie Dog  TBA
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