Intermediate Movie Dog Training

This intermediate dog training class focuses on more advanced exercises such as going to a mark, get around (re-positioning on a mark), and working exercises learned in the Movie Dog Beginner at a distance. We will also cover more difficult exercises including: head down, on your left side, on your right side, all from a distance and under distractions. Look Stick work will be introduced if time permits.

Cost: 150.00
Classes: 6 sessions
Prerequisite: Beginner Movie Work & Basic Obedience or Instructor's Permission
Location: K9 Co-Stars Training Facility - 27442 16th Ave., Aldergrove, BC, V4W 2C6

Classes will start again in September

Training Classes are on hold for the summer and will start again for September.  Private Lessons are available at $100 per hour please contact Leslie at to schedule a lesson.


Intermediate Movie Dog / Basic Obedience
Class Day Time Dates
Intermediate Movie Dog / Intermediate Obedience