Movie Cat Training Classes

Many years ago, I remember watching Bonnie getting ready for an episode of Animal Miracles in which she had to prepare a cat to play a mother cat who had rescued her kittens from a fire. Bonnie had three weeks to take a totally untrained cat that she had found at a cat rescue, chosen because her appearance matched the cat in the story, and teach that cat to perform a number of advanced movie animal behaviours.

I personally didn't think it was going to be possible and watched amazed as Bonnie trained the rescue cat we had christened Scarlett (like the hero cat she was going to portray) to not only perform many of the basic movie tricks such as a sit, stay and hit a mark but to perform an advanced behavior that many dog trainers have difficulty training - teaching the cat to reliably retrieve objects. On the animal miracle set, Scarlett was a feline star, not only did she retrieve the stuffed kittens over and over again but did it reliably going through the smoke and fire effects on set. Which goes to prove that cats can be both trainable and love to perform.

Movie Cat Training Classes

Starting in January you can learn to train your cat to perform movie actions. We have had a lot of interest from cat owners over the last couple of years and Bonnie decided to develop a training course for people who would like to teach their own cats movie tricks. Classes start in January - movie cat training classes

Please Note: Not all cats are good candidates for training. If your cat loves to interact with you, loves treats, loves to go places with you, and comes out and visits when company comes over then... your cat may really enjoy learning to perform. On the other hand, if your cat spends most of the day hiding in closet and disappears when other people visit - training would probably not be an enjoyable experience for this type of cat.


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