Dog Training for Kids

puppy being trained to sit by a childBonnie is often asked if she allows kids in her classes (she does!) and the kids she has had come ended up being so amazing that  she decided to develop a training course especially for children.

Bonnie's methods rely on  positive reinforcement. Her goal is teach children how to train a dog using effective methods that are fun for both the child and the dog.  While teaching their dogs manners and obedience exercises the children will learn training theory and practical skills including: how to properly give commands, handler positioning, when and how to praise, how to read a dog's body posture and expression. These basic concepts are the core of all dog-training and this class will give kids a great start for successful  life-long interaction with dogs.

Dog safety and how to properly greet strange dogs will also be covered.

Class start Thursday January 31 at 6:00 pm for more information please visit  our dog training for kids page.


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