The Pool is Open

raz dives into the poolLast year Bonnie had the opportunity to take her briard, Ruckus and a group of friends to a Dock Diving pool in the Okanagan. She, her friends and all the dogs had such a blast that when she had the opportunity to acquire a full-size regulation pool for her Aldergrove property,  she jumped at the chance. After much set up and deck and doggy ramp building, the  K9 Fun Pool is now open.

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Whether you want to try out or train for the hot new dog sport of dock diving or you just want to play with your dog in the water on a hot day this is the place to be.

To book a time K9 Fun Pool Booking Calendar

Price Options:

There are options for both single participants with 1 dog or groups that want to book larger blocks of time. All pool sessions must be pre-booked so that we can schedule an attendant.  If you are bringing 1 dog choose the Single Participant with 1 dog ticket. This costs $40 and you may share the hour with up to 3 other people and their dogs (if you do the price goes down - 2 users $35 per ticket, 3 users - $30 per ticket and if 4 users book-in then each owner would pay $25.00 (tax included).

Alternatively you can book an hour as a group for  $100 (bring up to 4 dogs) and a larger group (up to 8 dogs) can book 2 hours for $180.00.

Pool Session

Each session will start with the dogs learning to come back to the ramp to get out instead of the side of the pool (they can't get out there and we also don't want them to damage the very expensive pool lining).Each dog will get a lot of time to swim. If the dogs are getting along and following pool rules the attendant may allow multiple dogs to be in the pool at the same time.


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