Get Ready for the Summer Film & TV Opportunities

Canine Co-Stars will be offering a limited number of classes (once the season really gets under way we are often too busy to run regular classes).

We have added a mixed Puppy Kindergarten / Beginner Movie Dog & Basic Obedience Class starting on Saturday Mar. 1, at 12: pm  (noon) and an Advanced Topics class for students who want to take their obedience and movie behaviours to the next level starting Thursday Mar. 6, at 7:15. Our classes run for 6 weeks and cost $150 including applicable taxes.

Again this year we are offering Film Potential Evaluations - if you have always though your dog has star potential then this is a great chance to get your dog before an animal coordinator with 20 years experience casting dogs. This is a one on one training and evaluation session with Bonnie Judd. When production companies contact Bonnie, she is tasked with finding the perfect dog for the part and it is not all about appearance. Knowing your dog's temperament,  level of drive, trainability, and willingness to interact with strangers will allow her to know what sorts of roles will suit your dog. Bonnie will give your feed-back on your dog's level of training, and suitability for film and may recommend steps to increase your dog's potential. The fee for a 1 hour evalution is $100.00 including applicable taxes. For Bonnie this is a great opportunity to get to know your dog; she vastly prefers to cast dogs that she has met in person and had a chance to work with.

If you are interested for booking an evaluation please contact Leslie at (604) 850-6687 or


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