A Dog's Journey Star Found at Canine Co-Stars Casting Call

Belle as Max in A Dog's JourneyIt’s almost been a year since our big casting calls held at the Paw Street Market. Non-disclosure agreements have kept us from revealing any details on the dog’s cast until the studio gave us the official OK but NOW we can reveal that we did find one of the stars of a Dog’s Journey at one of the casting calls in Abbotsford.

Biewer Yorkie, Belle, was chosen to play the lead for the character of Max in the movie. Her slightly scruffy but totally cute look, outgoing personality and crazy working drive for such a small dog made her star quality apparent. Belle was eventually joined by a number of look-alike dogs and together they created the character of Max on film. Shooting days can be long and it was important that Belle had stand-ins and other dogs available to give her a break on set. Belle was a trooper and most of what you see on film is her performance.  We are very grateful that Belle’s owners, Jen, Carlin & family, trusted us with their special girl – it was hard to get a new puppy and then not see that puppy for months while we filmed out of province.

While Belle was the only dog from last years casting call to be chosen for a role in A Dog’s Journey: we were blown away by the literally hundreds of amazing dogs that came out to the casting calls.  We are keeping all their information and pictures on file and their roles may be yet to come.

A big thank you to the Paw Street Market for hosting our casting events.

A Dog's Journey Trailer

A couple of quick shots of Belle show near the end of the trailer


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