Dog Training for Kids

One of Bonnie's greatest pleasures is getting to help kids learn how to work with dogs . This class will focus on teaching children how to communicate with their dogs and will give them an understanding of safe practices when meeting other dogs.

While teaching their dogs basic manners and obedience exercises: such as sit, down, stay, recall, heeling and particularly attention-based exercises, the children will learn how to properly give commands, when and how to praise and how to read their dog's body language. These basic concepts are the core of all dog-training and this class will give kids a great start for successful  life-long interaction with dogs.

Maturity is more important than age for the kids but they should be able to concentrate for a reasonable amount of time. A Parent must stay with younger children. Older children may be picked up and dropped off as long as the parent returns no later than 5 minute prior to the end of class - all parents must stay for the first class.

Cost: 150.00
Classes: 6 sessions
Prerequisite: None
Location: K9 Co-Stars Training Facility - 27442 16th Ave., Aldergrove, BC, V4W 2C6

Kids and Dogs
Class Day Time Dates
Kids and Dogs call for wait list - when enough people have expressed interest we will put together a class.


To register online click here or for more information on classes please contact our administrator, Leslie Williams, at (604) 850-6687 or by email:

Refund Policy: There is a $25.00 rebooking fee for any changes or cancellations before the class starts. Once the class has started no refunds will be given.