Dog Stars

Think your dog should be a star - Let us know.

If you have a dog with a stable temperament and an outgoing personality and you are in the Lower Mainland area of British Columbia we would like to hear from you.

London Drug Look a LikesWhile this goes without saying (but we are going to say it anyways!), dogs should be healthy and of a sound and social temperament and must not be aggressive. Movie sets are often loud, crowded and chaotic and this means that dogs that work in this industry must have sound nerves and outgoing personalities. All dogs should be current on their vaccinations.

Please submit the following information by email to

    Hannah & Scrabble on set for what ended up being the number 1 Super Bowl Commerical

  • The dog's call name
  • The dog's breed (please list the breed as the subject in your email header). If the dog is a mixed breed, list the breed or breeds the dog actually looks like.
  • The dog's date of birth
  • The dogs size, weight, height at withers, length of body, collar size in inches.
  • The dog's colour and markings
  • The dog's gender and whether the dog has been spayed/neutered.
  • The dogs training (if any). Please include any classes, sports or competitions that your dog has worked in. If you have taken classes or training with your dog please include the name of the trainer or facility. Please list tricks (if any) that your dog already understands.
  • Does your dog get along well with other animals and children?
  • You must attach at least one clear photo of the dog. We would (if possible) appreciate 3 photos - a close up headshot, a standing side shot and a ¾ view sitting shot. We would prefer the files be in the jpeg format but will accept tifs and bmps. PLEASE NOTE: Do not send emails that are larger than 5 mg in size this means you many need to send multiple emails or reduce the size of your pictures. Overly large emails will be rejected by our mail server.
  • Please include all the various means we could get a hold of you: phone numbers, work numbers, cell phone numbers, pager numbers, alternate phone numbers, and email address. Please also include your street address with postal code. Often when a project is cast the producer's will request to see a dog and we will need to set up an appointment ASAP. The more contact information the better! Remember we can't cast your dog if we can't get in touch.


For larger parts such as principal movie roles or re-occurring character on series roles we often need to train the dogs in complex behaviours and the easiest way for us to do that is to have the dog live with us during this process. Gabe on the DogFatherPlease indicate whether you would consider letting your pet stay with us. If not, would you be available to drive your dog to our training facility and pick him or her up each day. In certain cases, particularly with people who have considerable experience in dog training, we may arrange to work with both you and the dog.

We require that the owners of the dogs sign a contract of exclusivity upon such training that states that the dog will be cast in movie projects only with Canine Co-stars of Canada Ltd. We do not charge for the training the dogs receive in preparation for specific movie or series roles and feel it is only reasonable that the dogs remain exclusive to us.